Architectural Programming

Successful building projects don’t just happen, and experience alone does not ensure a positive outcome.  The design process does not have to be a cyclical experience and value engineering shouldn’t be forced if it happens at all. When projects are carefully programmed, subsequent design phases can proceed more efficiently, saving time and money.

‘Architectural Programming’ and ‘Facilities Programming’ is a functional investigation encompassing the objectives, design determinants, information gathering systems, survey, statistics, and user requirements for a proposed project prior to design. Establishing a clear understanding of project constraints as well as the quality of the desired solution is a critical step in the Integrated Project Delivery.

JAG Form Architecture has an established an organized process for Programming that engages the relevant stakeholders in producing a concise and detailed document for streamlining even the most complex projects for all those involved.

View our typical ‘Table of Contents’ for an Architectural Programming document by clicking on the image to the right.